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Ugh. I've now read all the 3:10 to Yuma and There Will Be Blood slash fanfic on AO3 and FF.net. It's kind of sad.

I need a new fandom for my western period pieces that are full of homoerotic violence and guilt.

If you haven't seen these movies here's what I like about each of them, with spoilers behind tags.

There Will Be Blood

TWBB tells the story of the rise and fall of an oil tycoon. It is very loosely based off of OIL! by Upton Sinclair. I tried reading the book, but found the exposition of the novel rather slow. I might come back to it.

Over the course of the movie Daniel (the tycoon's) corruption and desperation is mainly tracked through his relationship with his adopted son HW and a faith healer and preacher named Eli. Daniel rips off Eli, so Eli is constantly trying to get back the $5,000 dollars he believes he is owed.

Daniel and Eli plot their assorted revenges and slights over the film. Daniel mostly uses violence, where Eli mostly uses humiliation. Cue me watching dudes humiliate and beat each other senseless for a while. Some stuff involving other characters happen as well, mostly scenes that establish Daniel's ruthlessness and how far he is willing to go to make a profit (the film is fairly anti-greed), but because I am a shameless fangirl I will gloss over it.

These clips have spoilers in them, but are pretty good example of the shippiness levels of the film.

Daniel beats up Eli: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugTbwvVuLKA
Eli humiliates Daniel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zirtzDl2RH0

Where this goes as far as fanfic potential is then amazing. There's a time skip in the film, that could allow for all kinds of things to happen in-between. Some of my favorite tropes/ideas for this ship are as follows:

-Eli feeling ashamed over any variety of things: how aroused Daniel's hate makes him, the way it felt good to humiliate Daniel
-Era costume porn: so many suits and vests! @__@
-Daniel being violent and verbally abusive

3:10 to Yuma (2007)

Dan Evans is a down on his luck farmer and civil war vet who encounters Ben Wade, a wanted criminal. In order to gain some money and the pride of his family Dan agrees to help several pinkertons escort Ben to the train to prison (hence the name of the film).

Over the course of the film Ben and Dan get to know each other, and Ben seemingly attempts to corrupt Dan. Dan has none of it. This includes trying to get Dan to hit Ben, bribing him to let Ben escape, and shaming Dan about his job as a father and husband. They also talk about god a lot.

Meanwhile the group is being followed by Ben's posse which is led by Charlie Prince. Charlie is incredibly devoted to Ben and kills a number of people who prove disloyal or refuse to give him information.

Being a western, a lot of people die at the end, but we'll skip over that.

My ships for the movie end up being, Ben/Charlie, Ben/Dan, and Ben/Dan/Lily fix it fics (Lily is Dan's wife and a TOTAL BADASS).

Tropes and Ideas:
-The LOGO advertisements: This movie was straight up advertised on logo, talking about how much Charlie cares about Ben. XD
-Yandere Prince: Charlie's devotion to Ben is fucking terrifying. He burns a man alive for Ben.
-Sassy, Murderous, Yandere Charlie: Charlie has some of the best snappy lines in the film (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6UsFuRm8ls) (fairly non-spoilery clip). I just love that bit so much
-Unrequited/Uneven Love Charlie: related back to the last two points I feel like Charlie thinks/obsesses a lot more about Ben than Ben does about him, and that he knows that Ben is using him a little.
-Topping from the Bottom Ben: Ben has a few lines with Dan that explain his philosophy on life ("it's man's nature to takes what he wants" is the big one that caught on in fandom.), shames and trolls Dan, and then tries to get Dan to hit him on purpose (all while smirking). (Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrWdJOffagM). "I like this side of you, Dan," is the other big line from this scene. ALSO THE SCENE IS EVEN CALLED TEMPTATION
-"I like this side of you, Dan.": I have so many feels about this moment. The way Ben almost whispers is it, and that his lips are slightly parted before hand. The stare down afterwards! My icon is from that moment. And just unf! my feels!
-Bridal Suite: they stay in a bridal suite. Ben sprawls out in Ben with his hands shackled and teases Dan about where the brides are. Dan grumps in response.
-Stoic Dan getting seduced: Dan is very stoic, and seeing him anger/desire hybrid lash out at Ben is always delicious. I'm not really into the fluff fics for just the two of them.
-MOAR GUILT: Dan gets to then feel guilty for the way Ben was ruined him, and Ben can do the whole I comfort you and tell you that is the way of the world by getting dirty with you right now.
-gun kink
Title: Before the Drape Runners
For: damnfinekink
Summary: Ed reflects on his marriage with Nadine
Pairings: Ed/Nadine
Warnings/Kinks: Gen, Angst


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The twin peaks kink meme is taking off (damnfinekink), and I' really pumped about this. There are some fills I'm definitely gonna do and are super pumped for. I'm really hoping we get some of the AO3 writers in, as there's some great stuff up there.

Some of the members/memers (so far) seem really committed and this is super awesome. :3

I found a new book to read through one of the people who have friended the journal I found a western-magic queer novel to read, which is EVERYTHING I WANT IN LIFE. I was drawn to it because the main character on the cover looked a little like Charlie Prince. I have a new fic about him on AO3, and I'll be coming back to edit it. I also need to post my yuletide fills here.

My fic time is going to be balanced between TP fills (to keep the meme active) and my Integra/Seras romance novel. Once that second one is done, I'm going to work on my cross time D/s nonsense.

I think There Will Be Blood is a new fandom for me, and I'll probably write some violence-not-sex fic for it.

Me Gusta.

The more I think about it, the more my fandom likes are summarized by Me Gusta.

Loveless, Villain Ships, Dub Con. All of the things are pretty much me gusta.

Me Gusta is a rage comic face that indicates pleasure (originally it was specifically sexually) being taken from an awkward or perverse scenario.


Hellsing Fics

My Integra/Alucard over time fic is coming along nicely. It's only at about 600ish words, but I have the rest of it planned out. I added a memory where Integra asks Alucard if he is a boy, and Alucard's response is, "Once I was." This discussion continues, and Alucard pretty much tells a little girl that he's not a boy or a girl technically, because he is a monster. Except the conversation isn't that blatant.

I'm in your Hellsing filling it with queer.

Note, I do think Alucard would consider himself more male-ish (since his default/self forms are mostly masculine presenting), but like he says when he turns into girlycard in London, it doesn't really matter what shape or persona he is in. How I interpret this is all body shapes and gender are equally "Alucard," since he's technically made of a lots of souls. The dominant one definitely considers itself more of a "he" though.

What I'm probably going to finish first is my Marriage of Convenience fic, which is also going to be a fill for the Unconventional Courtship challenge. It's writing fics to the plot of assorted Harlequin novels. I'm doing a Integra/Seras AU that takes place [Spoiler (click to open)]in a world where Integra is a Lord and she has lost her husband/consortish dude (Alucard). This is a metaphor for the time he is gone for 30 years.

Click the image for the group.

First Bookmarks! :D

I just realized I have my first two bookmarks on AO3 for my 3:10 to Yuma stuff. This totes encourages me to write more for them (I'm working on a Charlie/Ben) gun kink fic.

Actually. Lot's of gun kink going around in my fiction. Integra shooting Alucard. Charlie getting touchy with the Hand of God. I might blog longer on why and what I like about gun kink.

For me in mainly break down into power/fear inducing symbols and objects, and the best oral fixation combination with that (they could shoot you in the mouth/head!).

So yeah! :D

Purimgifts done! :)

I finished my 3 fics and pile of graphics for PurimGifts. I hope my recipient likes it. She's into some tropes/dynamics that I usually don't write, and I want it to have come out well for her.

If all else fails I think my graphics are pretty good. I'll post links to what I wrote once things are revealed.

Purim Gifts

I've finished 2/3 graphics and 1/3 fics. The first fic is super cute and I think I'll write more with the same characters. I think the second fic will be an evil vizier fic. :)

My computer cord is still broken, and I discovered I ordered the wrong power cord before. ;__;